The Mouser

"Oh the shark babe has such pretty teeth, dear
and he shows them pearly white
just a jack knife has ol MacHeath, babe
and he keeps it out of sight

you know when that shark bites with his teeth, dear
scarlet billows start to spread
fancy gloves though wears ol MacHeath, babe
so there's never, never a trace of red

on the sidewalk, oh sunday morning dont you know
lies a body just oozing life
and someone's sneaking around the corner
could that be our boy Mack the knife?...."

The ballad of Mack the knife from "The Three penny Opera" by Bertolt Brecht

Representing key sentences by the character: " Youre finished ! you hear me?!
youre finished and once Im through with you Ill cut off your little
friends head and take care of the women."

" Theyre right, theyre absolutely right. You kill one human being as a citizen
youre a heinous murderer, you kill one human being while in uniform, youre a hero.
a citizen that kills 20 people is a psychopath, a soldier gets a medal. If you kill
dozens or hundreds of thousands way to go, youre a national hero, and if you
killed millions, well, youre a god! They write songs about you! They
write legends about you! ..."

Body language, and main character lines: smart, a sadist, evil all the way through

Occupation: Murderer, rapist, thief.

Background: Born to a low class family. deteriorated to crime from early childhood.
committed almost any possible crime and spent many years in and out of jail.
he was an experiment subject in the biological warfare program that went wrong.

Moral point of view: Pure evil - has urges and lusts to kill, destroy and hurt others.
he does not consider himself as evil, and thinks those who do are hypocrites.

Goal and objectives before the outbreak: Have fun, kill, rape, destroy and hurt as many
people as possible....